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The UWM Post is working hard on a new website to better serve the UW-Milwaukee community. We will be rolling out a temporary website in September while we do more work behind the scenes, and in January our fully functional web-stravaganza will have its grand opening. Thanks for reading.

Check out our A/E section, The Fringe, over at thefringeuwm.tumblr.com

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6 thoughts on “Under Construction”

  1. JANUARY?!? The new UWM Post web team sucks! [vomits]

  2. Hardcore Henrii said:

    I know who’s responsible. Let’s lynch Postie! It’s hanging time!!!

  3. I took office as SA President at midnight on June 1. I thank all of my supporters from my campaign managers down to each voter who chose me as their next leader. Above all, I must thank the overriding force who made connections happen and persuaded the players to follow my game plan. I signed a blood oath that if victorious I would declare the following: Satan gives me power!

  4. All Students said:

    Expose and resist organized crime in the Student Association.

  5. The Student Association has already burned through 25% of its time. The Prez and VP both talked about the importance of Shared Gov in this weeks UWM Post.Yet they still have their Michael Ludwig listed as the Shared Governance Director on the SA website. They pay people a boatload of money, but they can’t find 5 minutes to update the info on their website over the course of 3 months, especially in relation to one of the core functions of SA??? wtf

    There are a couple hundred parking spots available to students as part of seg fees in the Klotsche Center underground lot. There are no signs, no press release, no banner in the Union….For the SA it’s business as usual, another day, another dolla. They pay a Communication Director but there’s no communication. wtf

    Freshmen elections will be coming up soon. Did SA appoint an Independent Election Commissioner? Who knows because SA is not transparent. They still list DeWees as the Chief Judge. Have the incoming freshmen been told they have 5 seats to fill??? Does the Student Court even have the 3 justices it minimally requires to function? Who knows. The Student Court should be de-funded. There is not enough work that’s required to justify paying multiple people or even 1 person. wtf

    VP Rettinger brought up the Council of Student Organizations. SA should create this and have the presidents of the student orgs or designee come together and be a second legislative body, like the House and the Senate. Furthermore, they should revamp the election terms. Students should be elected to legislative seats for 2 years and they should elect 25 seats one year who serve for 2 years, and the other 25 seats the following year that serve 2 years. It would create more balance in the senate so that it would be less likely that there are just total shifts where the entire senate is composed one just one single party. The executive branch should continue to be elected for just 1 year. They should start this new system this spring by electing half the senators for a 2-year seat and half this spring for a 1 year seat. wtf

    The SA President should serve some of her office hours at the Campus Connections Arch in the Library Commons on the 1st floor of the Library.There’s a beautiful desk and a computer and people could be encouraged to walk up with questions, concerns or suggestions. The Prez should conduct regular opinion polls to get an understanding of the will of the students. Get out from the gated cave in the corner of the union that no one goes to and get into the light of day where there is ton’s of traffic and people galore. wtf

    The UWM Post should report on why the president that was so overwhelmingly elected by the students last spring is not the president of the SA. Did SA try to fire the Deputy Speaker that the senate elected? wtf

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